The Little Wildling Alphabet

⟁  Watercolour Painting

⟁ Printed on 250gsm french card stock, with a natural and subtle textured finish.

⟁ Available in A3

⟁ A3 | 297 x 420 mm | $58

little wildling

a rambling Australian alphabet

A is for the ANTEATER this little fella’s a numbat; B is for the BANKSIA their golden bristles beautiful; C is for the CICADA droning on and on; D is for this daring DINGO dancing with delight; E is for EUCALYPTS but we just call them gum trees; F is for these FAIRY wrens flitting to and fro; G is for the GERALDTON wax and its gorgeous buds; H is for the mighty HUMPBACK whale, isn’t he just huge; I is for INDIGO and its itty bitty blooms; J is for the JELLYFISH their tentacles drag behind; K is for the KINGFISHER diving to the creek; L is for the LILLY PILLY and its lovely little fruit; M is for the MAGPIE singing her sweet melodic song; N is for the NATIVE daisy with dainty mauve delights; O is for the blue-ringed OCTOPUS, whilst tiny packs a punch; P is for the POSSUM, this sugar glider leaps; Q is for the QUOLL living a quiet and solitary life; R is for the radiant feathers of the RAINBOW lorikeet; S is for the weedy SEA-DRAGON swimming in salty seas; T is for the hawksbill TURTLE gliding through the reef; U is for ULYSSES butterflies – up, up and away they go; V is for the VIOLET creeping in cool and shady nooks; W is for the WOMBAT waiting for the moon to come and play; X is for the XANTHORRHOEA reaching for the day; Y is for the YELLOW breasted robin who likes to perch and pounce; Z is for the ZEBRA finch, he zips around, he zooms around, he zigs zags up and down.