tread lightly

Tread lightly

At sëafōlk, we want to make sure our most precious flora and fauna species are protected. We donate 5% of all annual profit to environmental causes. In 2018/2019 sëafōlk is making their donations through  Australian Wildlife Conservancy .

AWC is developing and implementing a new model for conservation, with a strong emphasis on practical land management informed by good science. They spend money were it counts (84% expenditure is spent on staff in the field, delivering practical, on-ground results, and only 16% is spent on administration and fundraising).

Printing and Paper

I work hard to make sure I am being environmentally conscious in all aspects of sëafōlk, and am committed to using quality materials and techniques ensuring each piece is carefully thought out.

All artworks are printed on FSC certified papers to reduce environmental impacts, and improve sustainability of the sëafōlk brand. We also print via a chemical free process, using only soy based inks.


All your purchases are packed by hand by me with love and care. I have aimed to avoid any unnecessary and ‘nasty’ products. I strive to be plastic free where possible and so the majority of packaging is either recyclable or compostable.