Weedy Sea Dragon

Weedy sea dragon

⟁  Watercolour Painting

⟁ Printed on 250gsm french card stock, with a natural and subtle textured finish.

⟁ Available in A4 and A3

A4 | 210 x 297 mm | $ 38

A3 | 297 x 420 mm | $48

A dreamy waltz of spiraled turns, sedately drifting, floating free. Clad in a cloak of camouflage he sails a path through the salty sea

Christine Anne Shaw

The beautiful weedy sea dragon is endemic to the temperate waters of Australia. Unbelievably, I found a sea dragon on the sand in Newcastle a few years back (sadly he had died) – even still, it was as though I had stumbled upon a mythical creature. I was studying botanical drawing, and so carefully wrapped him up and carried him home. I captured what I could of his glorious colour as soon as I got back.

How gorgeous is their whimsical dance…